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From Liane and "Charlie"  January 2018

Dear Mary Jo,

You are beyond exceptional in every aspect of breeding.  We were very impressed with how you navigated the whole process with us. Your knowledge & genuine admiration for all of your dogs and their beautiful puppies are second to none.

Thank you for being there for us through it all, especially for allowing us to ask crazy questions and to share our pictures and stories with you.

I just wanted you to know how I felt.  I knew there was something special about you from our very first was two days after the puppies were born.  I could just tell then just how much you love every single one of them.  Even for previous litters - it was such a genuine love.  It felt as if your first grand child was just born.  It was very comforting knowing how much love Charlie was getting at home with you and his parents.

I had spoken with a few others at that point about available puppies and, looking back, wow - what horrible experiences.  We are so blessed we found you.  We're honored to be an extended part of your family.  It shows how much dedication and professionalism you have when 99% of the families you have chosen still keep in touch with you.

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